BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMerge pull request #1465 from Airblader/bugfix-1430Michael Stapelberg3 weeks
nextFix keyboard layout change detectionMichael Stapelberg22 hours
oldstable-v3i3status: update website for 2.3 releaseMichael Stapelberg4 years
session-savingupdate DEPENDSMichael Stapelberg15 months
test-x11-changedAdd test-x11-changedMichael Stapelberg3 years
tests-x11-xcbmake tests work with X11::XCB 0.04Michael Stapelberg3 years
xcb-xkbSwitch to xcb-xkb and libxkbcommonMichael Stapelberg8 months
4.8i3-4.8.tar.gz  i3-4.8.tar.bz2  Michael Stapelberg9 months
4.7.2i3-4.7.2.tar.gz  i3-4.7.2.tar.bz2  Michael Stapelberg13 months
4.7.1i3-4.7.1.tar.gz  i3-4.7.1.tar.bz2  Michael Stapelberg13 months
4.7i3-4.7.tar.gz  i3-4.7.tar.bz2  Michael Stapelberg14 months
4.6i3-4.6.tar.gz  i3-4.6.tar.bz2  Michael Stapelberg19 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-02-11Merge pull request #1465 from Airblader/bugfix-1430HEADmasterMichael Stapelberg
2015-02-11Make click events on status blocks work if 'workspace_buttons no' is set.Ingo Bürk
2015-02-11Remove one level of indentation #1465Ingo Bürk
2015-01-31Merge branch 'placeholder'Michael Stapelberg
2015-01-31Bugfix: actually parse client.placeholder (Thanks Ingo)Michael Stapelberg
2015-01-31Merge branch 'fix-ws-con'Michael Stapelberg
2015-01-31Bugfix: correctly restore workspaces regardless of where “type” is (Thank...Michael Stapelberg
2015-01-17Merge branch 'fix-popup-during-fullscreen'Michael Stapelberg
2015-01-17Bugfix: render floating windows during global fullscreen (Thanks dmurph, Mats)Michael Stapelberg
2014-08-08Merge branch 'fix-layout-focus'Michael Stapelberg
2014-08-08Bugfix: don’t set focus in con_set_layout() on invisible workspacesMichael Stapelberg
2014-07-24Merge branch 'fix-tray-restart'Michael Stapelberg
2014-07-24Bugfix: add a sync call to i3bar to confirm reparents before exitingMichael Stapelberg
2014-07-23Merge branch 'fix-decoration'Michael Stapelberg
2014-07-23Bugfix: missed case for decoration rerenderTony Crisci
2014-07-15Merge branch 'fix-layout-output'Michael Stapelberg
2014-07-15Bugfix: properly restore workspace containers (Thanks vals)Michael Stapelberg
2014-07-11Merge branch 'fix-path'Michael Stapelberg
2014-07-11Bugfix: i3-dmenu-desktop: quote path (Thanks nikolaus)Michael Stapelberg
2014-07-10Merge branch 'fix-first-line'Michael Stapelberg
2014-07-10Bugfix: render bars after the first chunk of JSON (Thanks javier)Michael Stapelberg
2014-07-02Merge branch 'fix-i3bar-colors'Michael Stapelberg
2014-07-02Use FREE macro for freeing colorsTony Crisci
2014-06-28Merge branch 'revert-warp'Michael Stapelberg
2014-06-28Revert "Disable render-time pointer warps if asked"Michael Stapelberg