BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUpdate debian/changelogMichael Stapelberg8 months
nextMerge pull request #2820 from hwangcc23/fix-2804Ingo Bürk4 days
randr-15WIP: RandR 1.5 supportMichael Stapelberg23 months
stapelberg-patch-1Remove extraneous newline when printing core_patternMichael Stapelberg9 months
4.13commit 9c8dc36895...Michael Stapelberg8 months
4.12commit c9f0bc174d...Michael Stapelberg16 months
4.11commit 041e549efd...Michael Stapelberg21 months
4.10.4commit 69eb4619a7...Michael Stapelberg22 months
4.10.3commit 3cc377166f...Michael Stapelberg23 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
4 daysMerge pull request #2820 from hwangcc23/fix-2804HEADnextIngo Bürk
4 daysi3-msg: Return an exit code upon missing -t argrefs/pull/2820/headhwangcc23
14 daysMerge pull request #2808 from hwangcc23/fix-2802Ingo Bürk
2017-06-12Fix 'rename workspace to tosomething'refs/pull/2808/headhwangcc23
2017-06-12Merge pull request #2795 from Adaephon-GH/doc-config-load-orderIngo Bürk
2017-06-12Merge pull request #2799 from hwangcc23/add_compilation_instIngo Bürk
2017-06-03Add compilation instructions to the hacking howtorefs/pull/2799/headhwangcc23
2017-05-31Merge pull request #2796 from Armael/nextIngo Bürk
2017-05-31Add a link to the ocaml-i3ipc libraryrefs/pull/2796/headArmaël Guéneau
2017-05-31Fix manpage on configuration lookup orderrefs/pull/2795/headAdaephon-GH
2017-05-29Merge pull request #2772 from loungecube/patch-1Ingo Bürk
2017-05-24Merge pull request #2784 from stapelberg/numreleaseIngo Bürk
2017-05-24compare modifiers for equality, not subset (+test)refs/pull/2784/headMichael Stapelberg
2017-05-24no-op change: store |button| in the correct data typeMichael Stapelberg
2017-05-24no-op change: move bind->release check into loopMichael Stapelberg
2017-05-24no-op change: don’t compare keycode for every modifierMichael Stapelberg
2017-05-23Fix the i3 crash caused by mark + restart commands (#2779)Chih-Chyuan Hwang
2017-05-23Merge pull request #2782 from stapelberg/release-bindingsIngo Bürk
2017-05-23Fix --release bindings broken by previous commitrefs/pull/2782/headMichael Stapelberg
2017-05-22Apply numlock fallback to bindcode where necessary (#2781)Michael Stapelberg
2017-05-22Merge pull request #2777 from hwangcc23/update-testsuite-docIngo Bürk
2017-05-21Update testsuite docsrefs/pull/2777/headhwangcc23
2017-05-18Merge pull request #2773 from lasers/nextIngo Bürk
2017-05-17docs/ipc: Fix typorefs/pull/2773/headlasers
2017-05-17Merge pull request #2761 from mdirkse/nextIngo Bürk