BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterMerge branch 'release-4.14.1'Michael Stapelberg4 months
nextMerge pull request #3080 from orestisf1993/cmd_move_con_to_workspaceIngo Bürk6 days
4.14.1commit 83a62267dc...Michael Stapelberg4 months
4.14commit abe725cf65...Michael Stapelberg5 months
AnyEvent-0.17commit 1fe5eaedd4...Michael Stapelberg10 months
4.13commit 9c8dc36895...Michael Stapelberg14 months
4.12commit c9f0bc174d...Michael Stapelberg23 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
6 daysMerge pull request #3080 from orestisf1993/cmd_move_con_to_workspaceHEADnextIngo Bürk
6 daysMerge pull request #3102 from jolange/fix3071Ingo Bürk
6 daysMerge pull request #3104 from jolange/testcase_warningsIngo Bürk
9 daysMerge pull request #2998 from orestisf1993/issue-2990Michael Stapelberg
9 daysDon't raise floating windows when focused because of focus_follows_mouseOrestis Floros
2018-01-08Implement 'resize set <width> ppt <height> ppt' command for tiling windows (#...livanh
2018-01-06Send success response for nop. (#3113)Ingo Bürk
2018-01-06Improve resize_find_tiling_participants() and simplify cmd_resize_tiling_widt...livanh
2018-01-05Merge pull request #3110 from DikiCook/configIngo Bürk
2018-01-05config: add comment $mod+r in back to normal when resize windowDiki Ananta
2018-01-02Merge pull request #3101 from tpraxl/feature/workspace-variablesIngo Bürk
2017-12-31Add testcases for focus_follows_mouseOrestis Floros
2017-12-27cmd_move_con_to_workspace_number: rename workspace->wsOrestis Floros
2017-12-27Reduce repetition in cmd_move_con_to_workspace*Orestis Floros
2017-12-27Merge pull request #3105 from clonejo/feat/pango-markupIngo Bürk
2017-12-27Docs: state that pango markup requires the use of a pango font.clonejo
2017-12-27fixing uninitialized warnings in testcasesJohannes Lange
2017-12-27fixing redeclaration warnings in testcasesJohannes Lange
2017-12-26tiling resize: remove minimum size (was 5%)Johannes Lange
2017-12-26Shorten comment for workspace variablesThomas Praxl
2017-12-25Merge pull request #3100 from jolange/fix3086Ingo Bürk
2017-12-24free last_motion_notify before returningJohannes Lange
2017-12-23Add workspace vars to support DRY when customizingThomas Praxl
2017-12-20Merge pull request #3095 from pallavagarwal07/nextIngo Bürk
2017-12-20Add relative coordinates in JSON for i3bar click events (fixes #2767)Pallav Agarwal