BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUpdate debian/changelogMichael Stapelberg6 months
nextMerge pull request #2731 from nmschulte/check-create-windowIngo Bürk2 weeks
randr-15WIP: RandR 1.5 supportMichael Stapelberg21 months
stapelberg-patch-1Remove extraneous newline when printing core_patternMichael Stapelberg7 months
4.13i3-4.13.tar.gz  i3-4.13.tar.bz2  Michael Stapelberg6 months
4.12i3-4.12.tar.gz  i3-4.12.tar.bz2  Michael Stapelberg14 months
4.11i3-4.11.tar.gz  i3-4.11.tar.bz2  Michael Stapelberg19 months
4.10.4i3-4.10.4.tar.gz  i3-4.10.4.tar.bz2  Michael Stapelberg20 months
4.10.3i3-4.10.3.tar.gz  i3-4.10.3.tar.bz2  Michael Stapelberg21 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-04-11Merge pull request #2731 from nmschulte/check-create-windowHEADnextIngo Bürk
2017-04-07add error check and log for xcb_create_windowrefs/pull/2731/headNathan Schulte
2017-04-07Merge pull request #2725 from nmschulte/feature/output-primaryIngo Bürk
2017-04-03format i3bar src/outputs.c w/ clang-formatrefs/pull/2725/headNathan Schulte
2017-03-30Merge pull request #2720 from Arlon1/nextIngo Bürk
2017-03-26Adding new terminals to i3-sensible-terminalrefs/pull/2720/headFranz König
2017-03-12i3bar: accept 'primary' for output config optionrefs/pull/2705/headlebenlechzer
2017-03-06Merge pull request #2698 from tmerr/nextIngo Bürk
2017-03-06docs/ipc: Document the 'primary' flagrefs/pull/2698/headTrevor Merrifield
2017-02-24Fixes a small mixup in the assertion description. (#2692)Ingo Bürk
2017-02-23Merge pull request #2649 from s3rb31/nextIngo Bürk
2017-02-23layout toggle: take any combination of layouts as arguments (#2649)refs/pull/2649/heads3rb31
2017-02-23Implement mapping from string to layout as extra functions3rb31
2017-02-20Merge pull request #2680 from Airblader/feature-2677Michael Stapelberg
2017-02-17Copy the entire window content on Expose events. (#2685)Ingo Bürk
2017-02-14Allow using left/right scrolling like up/down scrolling.refs/pull/2680/headIngo Bürk
2017-02-12Introduce named aliases for mouse buttons.Ingo Bürk
2017-02-12Add troubleshooting for title attributes during layout restoring. (#2679)Ingo Bürk
2017-02-06document our project governance model (#2675)Michael Stapelberg
2017-02-05Explaing the workspace number "1: www" behavior (#2674)Stefan Hagen
2017-02-05docs: focus_follow_mouse only happens at window border crossings (#2669)Manuel Mendez
2017-02-05restart bar status command on config reload (#2668)Johannes Lange
2017-01-25migrate i3-config-wizard to draw_util (#2654)mihaicmn
2017-01-24Added missing cases for workspace event (#2656)Tobias Hänel
2017-01-23Testcases: Check for required binaries (#2655)Tony Crisci