BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterRevert "Bugfix: set group mask 1 by default, correctly compare modifiers"Michael Stapelberg3 months
nextMerge pull request #2197 from norrland/nextMichael Stapelberg2 days
oldstable-v3i3status: update website for 2.3 releaseMichael Stapelberg5 years
session-savingupdate DEPENDSMichael Stapelberg2 years
test-x11-changedAdd test-x11-changedMichael Stapelberg4 years
tests-x11-xcbmake tests work with X11::XCB 0.04Michael Stapelberg4 years
xcb-xkbSwitch to xcb-xkb and libxkbcommonMichael Stapelberg20 months
4.11i3-4.11.tar.gz  i3-4.11.tar.bz2  Michael Stapelberg4 months
4.10.4i3-4.10.4.tar.gz  i3-4.10.4.tar.bz2  Michael Stapelberg5 months
4.10.3i3-4.10.3.tar.gz  i3-4.10.3.tar.bz2  Michael Stapelberg6 months
4.10.2i3-4.10.2.tar.gz  i3-4.10.2.tar.bz2  Michael Stapelberg10 months
4.10.1i3-4.10.1.tar.gz  i3-4.10.1.tar.bz2  Michael Stapelberg10 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-11-16Revert "Bugfix: set group mask 1 by default, correctly compare modifiers"HEADmasterMichael Stapelberg
2015-10-30Bugfix: ignore XKB group bits in floating_modifierMichael Stapelberg
2015-10-29Bugfix: set group mask 1 by default, correctly compare modifiersMichael Stapelberg
2015-10-28travis: install clang-format-3.5 from llvm repositoryMichael Stapelberg
2015-10-28Bugfix: correctly compare modifier mask when identifying keybindingsMichael Stapelberg
2015-10-28Fix multiple memory leaks with regular expressions.Ingo Bürk
2015-10-28Refactor parsing of matches to avoid code duplication.Ingo Bürk
2015-10-28Fix crash when trying to split and float a dock container.Ingo Bürk
2015-10-28Mark assignment as run before executing it.Ingo Bürk
2015-10-28Fixed logging statement.Ingo Bürk
2015-10-28Activate root output if RandR request fails.Ingo Bürk
2015-10-28Make rendering of key bindings more consistentAdaephon-GH
2015-10-28Improve placement of explicit IDs for headingsAdaephon-GH
2015-10-28Quote __focused__ to prevent parsing by asciidocAdaephon-GH
2015-10-28fix a memory leak in handle_get_bar_configMichael Stapelberg
2015-10-28Fix memleak in translate_keysymsMichael Stapelberg
2015-10-28Turn "char *" into "const char *" for all command parser functions.Ingo Bürk
2015-10-28Migrate the move command to use typed numbers.Ingo Bürk
2015-10-28Migrate the resize command to use typed numbers.Ingo Bürk
2015-10-28Allow the commands parser to use "number" arguments by making the stack typed.Ingo Bürk
2015-10-28Fix erroneous headline for moving to markAdaephon-GH
2015-10-28Add proper documentation for binding modes.Ingo Bürk
2015-10-28Fix moving windows to a marked workspace by mark.Ingo Bürk
2015-10-28Suppress no_focus for first window on a workspace.Ingo Bürk
2015-10-28Use sasprintf()Michael Stapelberg