BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterUpdate debian/changelogMichael Stapelberg9 months
nextMerge pull request #2868 from stapelberg/mouseIngo Bürk3 days
randr-15WIP: RandR 1.5 supportMichael Stapelberg2 years
stapelberg-patch-1Remove extraneous newline when printing core_patternMichael Stapelberg11 months
AnyEvent-0.17commit 1fe5eaedd4...Michael Stapelberg4 months
4.13commit 9c8dc36895...Michael Stapelberg9 months
4.12commit c9f0bc174d...Michael Stapelberg18 months
4.11commit 041e549efd...Michael Stapelberg23 months
4.10.4commit 69eb4619a7...Michael Stapelberg24 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
3 daysMerge pull request #2868 from stapelberg/mouseHEADnextIngo Bürk
3 dayst/264-keypress-numlock: add mouse binding testrefs/pull/2868/headMichael Stapelberg
3 daysRespect dont_warp flag when moving containers (#2867)Michael Stapelberg
3 daysi3bar: only restart child when command changed (#2866)Michael Stapelberg
3 daysFocus windows upon ConfigureWindow with stack-mode=Above (#2865)Michael Stapelberg
3 daysMerge pull request #2864 from stapelberg/fixconfigMichael Stapelberg
3 dayst/201-config-parser: update expected token listrefs/pull/2864/headMichael Stapelberg
3 daysparser: only skip set[\s], not set.*Michael Stapelberg
3 daysstart nagbar when encountering invalid set statementsMichael Stapelberg
3 daysSkip lines consisting only of “set”Michael Stapelberg
3 days(Re-)initialize optional fields to empty stringsMichael Stapelberg
3 daysBugfix: check bounds before accessing memoryMichael Stapelberg
3 daysMerge pull request #2863 from stapelberg/fixfreezeIngo Bürk
3 daysi3bar: Bugfix: avoid freeze after VisibilityNotifyrefs/pull/2863/headMichael Stapelberg
4 daysBugfix: consider inactive monitors when querying (#2862)Michael Stapelberg
4 daysMerge pull request #2861 from stapelberg/ipcconfigMichael Stapelberg
4 daysBump AnyEvent-I3 to 0.18refs/pull/2861/headMichael Stapelberg
4 daysIntroduce the GET_CONFIG IPC requestMichael Stapelberg
4 fix anyevent-i3.stamp dependenciesMichael Stapelberg
4 daysMerge pull request #2860 from stapelberg/anyevent-i3Michael Stapelberg
4 daysMerge pull request #2859 from stapelberg/fixtestsIngo Bürk
4 daystestcases: remove external AnyEvent::I3 dependencyrefs/pull/2860/headMichael Stapelberg
4 daysMove to AnyEvent-I3Michael Stapelberg
4 daystag 0.17Michael Stapelberg
4 daysuse lib '.' for Perl 5.25.11+Michael Stapelberg