AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
31 hoursMerge pull request #3329 from lasers/nextHEADnextIngo Bürk
31 hoursdocs/i3bar-protocol: fix typolasers
5 daysMerge pull request #3254 from orestisf1993/issue-555Ingo Bürk
5 daysAllow multiple assignments of workspaces to outputsOrestis Floros
6 daysMerge pull request #3327 from orestisf1993/rename-mouse-bugIngo Bürk
6 daysMerge pull request #3328 from orestisf1993/nextIngo Bürk
6 daysFix ISSUE_TEMPLATE typoOrestis Floros
6 dayscmd_rename_workspace: always call con_focusOrestis Floros
8 daysMerge pull request #3324 from orestisf1993/xdg_configIngo Bürk
8 daysCorrect XDG paths precedence for config filesOrestis Floros
2018-06-27Use get_assigned_output for numbersOrestis Floros
2018-06-27Move get_output_for_workspace() to i3testOrestis Floros
2018-06-27Introduce get_assigned_outputOrestis Floros
2018-06-22Merge pull request #3179 from orestisf1993/issue-2733Ingo Bürk
2018-06-22Merge pull request #3313 from czak/fix-border-artifactsIngo Bürk
2018-06-22Consider rect changed when its position changesŁukasz Adamczak
2018-06-20Merge pull request #3309 from orestisf1993/detectable-autorepeatIngo Bürk
2018-06-15Merge pull request #3310 from KJoke70/patch-1Ingo Bürk
2018-06-15Update added get_config and send_tickMartin
2018-06-15Enable detectable autorepeatOrestis Floros
2018-06-07Merge pull request #3307 from orestisf1993/linkIngo Bürk
2018-06-07Fix linkOrestis Floros
2018-06-02Merge pull request #3303 from orestisf1993/back_and_forthIngo Bürk
2018-06-02docs: link workspace_auto_back_and_forth from workspace commandOrestis Floros
2018-06-02Merge pull request #3301 from Streetwalrus/swallow-reframeIngo Bürk
2018-06-02Reframe swallowed windows if depth doesn't matchDan Elkouby
2018-05-20Updated (#3295)Ingo Bürk
2018-05-09Merge pull request #3282 from orestisf1993/strncpy-to-memcpyIngo Bürk
2018-05-08Replace strncpy call with memcpy when result is not NUL-terminatedOrestis Floros
2018-05-05Merge pull request #3279 from Streetwalrus/nextOrestis
2018-05-05Activate the focused child when scrolling over tab/stack decorationsDan Elkouby
2018-05-04Merge pull request #3272 from orestisf1993/fake-outputsIngo Bürk
2018-05-04Merge pull request #3277 from orestisf1993/resize-setIngo Bürk
2018-05-02resize set: accept 'width' and 'height' keywordsOrestis Floros
2018-05-02resize set for floating: interpret 0 as 'no change'Orestis Floros
2018-05-02252-floating-size.t: Reduce code duplicationOrestis Floros
2018-05-01Merge pull request #3274 from orestisf1993/DEPENDSIngo Bürk
2018-05-01Fix DEPENDS tableOrestis Floros
2018-05-01Don't refocus a workspace cleaned up by `workspace_show` during renameOliver Graff
2018-04-30Merge pull request #3270 from orestisf1993/ADD_TRANSLATED_KEYIngo Bürk
2018-04-30Fix: ConfigureNotify can crash i3 with fake-outputsOrestis Floros
2018-04-28send_tick: set "first" field (#3271)Orestis
2018-04-28Define ADD_TRANSLATED_KEY onceOrestis Floros
2018-04-27Merge pull request #3268 from orestisf1993/janitorialIngo Bürk
2018-04-27Merge pull request #3267 from orestisf1993/cmd_shmlogIngo Bürk
2018-04-27main.c: remove redundant 'focused' declarationOrestis Floros
2018-04-27Fix redundant casts to the same typeOrestis Floros
2018-04-27Fix redundant return statementsOrestis Floros
2018-04-26cmd_shmlog: use parse_long()Orestis Floros
2018-04-22Merge pull request #3261 from orestisf1993/swap-3259Ingo Bürk