AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
8 hoursMerge pull request #3421 from Streetwalrus/iconic-stateHEADnextIngo Bürk
27 hoursReject requests for WM_STATE_ICONICDan Elkouby
3 daysMerge pull request #3420 from orestisf1993/sncontext==NULL-3419Ingo Bürk
3 daysi3-nagbar & i3-config-wizard: check sncontext != NULLOrestis Floros
6 daysMerge pull request #3416 from orestisf1993/530-bug-2229.tIngo Bürk
6 days530-bug-229.t: Get rid of smartmatchOrestis Floros
6 daysMerge pull request #3400 from Synray/nextOrestis
6 daysRespect max size in WM_NORMAL_HINTSThomas Fischer
7 daysMerge pull request #3408 from orestisf1993/__focused__-crashIngo Bürk
9 daysMerge pull request #3410 from orestisf1993/min_widthIngo Bürk
10 daysMerge pull request #3386 from orestisf1993/click-eventIngo Bürk
10 daysdocs/i3bar-protocol: Mention skipping blocks with empty full_textOrestis Floros
10 daysFix "relative_x" and "width" of click eventsOrestis Floros
10 daysmatch_matches_window: Check if focused->window existsOrestis Floros
10 daysMerge pull request #3409 from orestisf1993/sb_hoff_pxIngo Bürk
11 daysi3bar: Include sb_hoff_px only when neededOrestis Floros
12 daysMerge pull request #3403 from orestisf1993/issue-3402Ingo Bürk
12 days_con_move_to_con: Move upwards only on CT_FLOATING_CONOrestis Floros
12 daysMerge pull request #3401 from orestisf1993/dump-asy-floatingIngo Bürk
12 Include floating_nodesOrestis Floros
12 daysMerge pull request #3342 from orestisf1993/tree_close_internalIngo Bürk
12 daysMerge pull request #3399 from orestisf1993/156-fullscreen-focusIngo Bürk
12 daysMerge pull request #3398 from orestisf1993/i3-save-treeIngo Bürk
13 daysMake t/156-fullscreen-focus.t easier to work withOrestis Floros
2018-09-12i3-save-tree: Exclude unsupported "transient_for" propertyOrestis Floros
2018-09-12Merge pull request #3395 from lousyd/nextIngo Bürk
2018-09-12Merge pull request #3396 from orestisf1993/commandsIngo Bürk
2018-09-11commands.c: Improve error repliesOrestis Floros
2018-09-10clarify JSON standard non-complianceTodd Walton
2018-09-10Merge pull request #3394 from orestisf1993/validate-utf8Michael Stapelberg
2018-09-10libi3: validate UTF8 stringsOrestis Floros
2018-09-09tree_restore: Check crootOrestis Floros
2018-09-06Merge pull request #3391 from orestisf1993/yajl-utf8Ingo Bürk
2018-09-06tree_append_json: Allow strings that are not valid UTF8Orestis Floros
2018-09-06tree_append_json: don't focus freed containerOrestis Floros
2018-09-06Merge pull request #3389 from orestisf1993/resize-ensure-1pxIngo Bürk
2018-09-06Merge pull request #3390 from orestisf1993/resize-tileIngo Bürk
2018-09-06Merge pull request #3388 from orestisf1993/cmd_rename_workspaceIngo Bürk
2018-09-06resize set for tiling: default to px when not specifiedOrestis Floros
2018-09-06Ensure containers have a size of at least 1px after resizeOrestis Floros
2018-09-06cmd_rename_workspace: correct order of eventsOrestis Floros
2018-09-06Improve comment from #3245Orestis Floros fix AC_SEARCH_LIBS([shm_open]) for static linking (#3379)Michael Stapelberg
2018-08-28Merge pull request #3376 from orestisf1993/floating-disable-scratchpadIngo Bürk
2018-08-28Don't disable floating in internal workspacesOrestis Floros
2018-08-28Merge pull request #3375 from orestisf1993/ipc_client_timeoutIngo Bürk
2018-08-27ipc_client_timeout: Fix build when not on linuxOrestis Floros
2018-08-27Merge pull request #3374 from orestisf1993/startup-notificationIngo Bürk
2018-08-25Support startup-notification in i3-nagbar & i3-config-wizardOrestis Floros
2018-08-25i3-config-wizard: fix small memleakOrestis Floros