BranchCommit messageAuthorAge document that kanla is unmaintainedMichael Stapelberg3 years
1.5commit c75ed2db4d...Michael Stapelberg4 years
1.4commit 1f91849262...Michael Stapelberg5 years
1.3commit d9da6a956f...Michael Stapelberg5 years
1.2commit a18a6fb6d2...Michael Stapelberg6 years
1.1commit 8425ab3882...Michael Stapelberg6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor document that kanla is unmaintainedHEADmasterMichael Stapelberg
2015-11-18fix logic bug with consecutive_failures>2: keep messages aroundMichael Stapelberg
2015-10-01Merge pull request #23 from florianjacob/support_idna_http_domainsMichael Stapelberg
2015-09-28fix idn_to_ascii function importFlorian Jacob
2015-09-27Support IDNA domains in http pluginFlorian Jacob
2014-12-18fix for the last commitMichael Stapelberg
2014-12-09bugfix: expire old messages before counting for consecutive_failuresMichael Stapelberg
2014-06-10bump version to 1.51.5Michael Stapelberg
2014-04-23irc: react to ping messages.Michael Stapelberg
2014-04-23perlfmt plugins/ircMichael Stapelberg
2014-04-15Bugfix: Properly encode UTF-8 in config parts that get passed to plugins (Tha...Michael Stapelberg
2014-04-15http: use resolve_sockaddr so that “localhost” can come from /etc/hostsMichael Stapelberg
2014-02-19add and install kanla.serviceMichael Stapelberg
2014-02-19Add “kanla-restarted” plugin to notify you when kanla crashed.Michael Stapelberg
2014-02-16Update copyright to 2014Michael Stapelberg
2014-02-16Disable output buffering for better debugging (also run perltidy)Michael Stapelberg
2013-11-16http: include IP address in the IDMichael Stapelberg
2013-11-16Make signal_error accept an arrayref as ID instead of concatenating everywhereMichael Stapelberg
2013-11-13Implement silenced_by optionMichael Stapelberg
2013-11-13add test to gitMichael Stapelberg
2013-11-13Implement consecutive_failures optionMichael Stapelberg
2013-11-13Drastically simplify the fail plugin by using Kanla::PluginMichael Stapelberg
2013-11-11add travis-ci build status to README.mdMichael Stapelberg
2013-11-11Merge pull request #15 from breunigs/travisMichael Stapelberg
2013-11-07Merge branch 'fix-interval' of git:// into breunigs-...Michael Stapelberg