BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterinstall config.yml with mode 644Michael Stapelberg6 years
0.1commit 152fbe2df6...Michael Stapelberg7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2012-04-13install config.yml with mode 644HEADmasterMichael Stapelberg
2011-12-12lolpizza.init: don't start lolpizza by defaultMichael Stapelberg
2011-12-12add debian packagingMichael Stapelberg
2011-12-12Install a working nginx configurationMichael Stapelberg
2011-12-12use the first IP of the X-Forwarded-For HTTP headerMichael Stapelberg
2011-12-12listen on localhost only by defaultMichael Stapelberg
2011-12-12Store config in /etc/lolpizza, db in /var/lib/lolpizza, log to /var/log/lolpi...Michael Stapelberg
2011-12-12Use the hook keyword, 'begin' is deprecated in DancerMichael Stapelberg
2011-12-07move bin/ to script/lolpizzaMichael Stapelberg
2011-12-07switch from Digest::SHA1 to Digest::SHAMichael Stapelberg
2011-12-07Test::More is in coreMichael Stapelberg
2011-12-07update Makefile.PL with missing dependenciesMichael Stapelberg
2011-07-29add missing dependencies to Makefile.PLMichael Stapelberg
2011-07-29use Dancer::Request->new(env => $env) instead of Dancer::Request->new($env)Michael Stapelberg
2011-07-29add bugfix for newer Dancer where we have the same cookies multiple timesMichael Stapelberg
2011-07-29add to migrate SQLite database from /bestellen to /pizzaserviceMichael Stapelberg
2011-07-28config: add hint about labeled cartons, please send us Pizzabrötchen, disabl...Michael Stapelberg
2011-07-28Hallopizza changed their URLs!Michael Stapelberg
2011-06-23add setlimit requestMichael Stapelberg
2011-06-23implement print viewMichael Stapelberg
2011-06-23add views/admin* to gitMichael Stapelberg
2011-06-23Implement a userlimit (default 20)Michael Stapelberg
2011-06-22fix config->{bigevent}Michael Stapelberg
2011-06-22Implement changing paid status in the adminterfaceMichael Stapelberg
2011-06-22remove obsolete togglepaid route handlerMichael Stapelberg