BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterupdate changelogMichael Stapelberg5 years
0.4commit 988955729c...Michael Stapelberg5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-01-30update changelogHEAD0.4masterMichael Stapelberg
2013-01-30manpages: remove obsolete .PU macroMichael Stapelberg don’t overwrite test.txt if it already existsMichael Stapelberg
2013-01-30bump version to 0.4Michael Stapelberg install manpagesMichael Stapelberg
2013-01-30fix compiler warning: make main return an int, not voidMichael Stapelberg
2013-01-30bugfix: remove test files in with exit trap, not in Makefile.amMichael Stapelberg enable -WallMichael Stapelberg
2013-01-30remove getopt.h, it’s widespread by nowMichael Stapelberg
2013-01-30add autogen.shMichael Stapelberg don’t overwrite test.txt/test.compressed when builddir == srcdirMichael Stapelberg
2013-01-30properly run the tests via autotoolsMichael Stapelberg
2013-01-30move *.c to src, add to test/Michael Stapelberg
2013-01-30remove more obsolete filesMichael Stapelberg
2013-01-30clean old autotools fragments, include Stapelberg
2013-01-30add .gitignoreMichael Stapelberg
2013-01-30Use stdint integer types (fixes mscompress output on amd64)Michael Stapelberg
2013-01-30fix argument parsing on ARM (Thanks Julian Squires)Michael Stapelberg
2013-01-30Initial commit (upstream version 0.3)Michael Stapelberg