BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterdocumentation: Call xcb_free_cursor() when doneUli Schlachter9 months
0.1.3commit 95b9a8fd87...Michael Stapelberg23 months
0.1.2commit 8eb844d39a...Michael Stapelberg3 years
0.1.1commit f557760c56...Michael Stapelberg4 years
0.1.0commit 021c7b741d...Michael Stapelberg5 years
0.0.99commit c7168980ec...Michael Stapelberg5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-07-11documentation: Call xcb_free_cursor() when doneHEADmasterUli Schlachter
2016-05-12set version to Stapelberg
2016-05-12Add a --with-cursorpath option to configureUli Schlachter
2015-03-25set version to Stapelberg
2015-03-22Perform safety check before trying to load glyph cursorMartin Gräßlin
2014-04-05darwin: Use OSByteOrder.h rather than CF.Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia
2014-01-29Check submodules before running autoconf.Niclas Zeising
2013-12-24Use CFSwapInt32LittleToHost from CoreFoundation.h on Mac OS X to implement le...Marcus Crestani
2013-11-12set version to Stapelberg
2013-11-09Bugfix: Properly load cursor files where not all cursors are suitableMichael Stapelberg
2013-11-07handle read() errors (Thanks psychon)Michael Stapelberg
2013-10-13Fail the build if gperf is needed, but not foundUli Schlachter
2013-10-13Use $(AM_V_GEN) when calling gperfUli Schlachter
2013-10-08Use LE_32 macro from <sys/byteorder.h> on Solaris versions without le32toh()Alan Coopersmith
2013-09-20Check exact RENDER version that the server supportsUli Schlachter
2013-09-20Fix memleak with broken resource databasesUli Schlachter
2013-08-21set version to Stapelberg
2013-08-21Bugfix: Use xhot/yhot, don’t hardcode the value (Thanks tenkainen)Michael Stapelberg
2013-08-18kill typedef, that is done in xcb_cursor, only define struct (Thanks Niclas)Michael Stapelberg
2013-08-12Silence compiler warning (Thanks Niclas Zeising)Michael Stapelberg
2013-08-12Fix build on FreeBSD (and possibly other BSDs)Niclas Zeising
2013-07-13add COPYING fileMichael Stapelberg
2013-07-12don’t define xcb_cursor_context_t twice (Thanks Thomas)Michael Stapelberg
2013-07-09set version to 0.0.990.0.99Michael Stapelberg
2013-07-09fix package nameMichael Stapelberg