BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterset version to 0.1.3Michael Stapelberg14 months
0.1.3commit 95b9a8fd87...Michael Stapelberg14 months
0.1.2commit 8eb844d39a...Michael Stapelberg2 years
0.1.1commit f557760c56...Michael Stapelberg4 years
0.1.0commit 021c7b741d...Michael Stapelberg4 years
0.0.99commit c7168980ec...Michael Stapelberg4 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-05-12set version to 0.1.3HEAD0.1.3masterMichael Stapelberg
2016-05-12Add a --with-cursorpath option to configureUli Schlachter
2015-03-25set version to Stapelberg
2015-03-22Perform safety check before trying to load glyph cursorMartin Gräßlin
2014-04-05darwin: Use OSByteOrder.h rather than CF.Jeremy Huddleston Sequoia
2014-01-29Check submodules before running autoconf.Niclas Zeising
2013-12-24Use CFSwapInt32LittleToHost from CoreFoundation.h on Mac OS X to implement le...Marcus Crestani
2013-11-12set version to Stapelberg
2013-11-09Bugfix: Properly load cursor files where not all cursors are suitableMichael Stapelberg
2013-11-07handle read() errors (Thanks psychon)Michael Stapelberg
2013-10-13Fail the build if gperf is needed, but not foundUli Schlachter
2013-10-13Use $(AM_V_GEN) when calling gperfUli Schlachter
2013-10-08Use LE_32 macro from <sys/byteorder.h> on Solaris versions without le32toh()Alan Coopersmith
2013-09-20Check exact RENDER version that the server supportsUli Schlachter
2013-09-20Fix memleak with broken resource databasesUli Schlachter
2013-08-21set version to Stapelberg
2013-08-21Bugfix: Use xhot/yhot, don’t hardcode the value (Thanks tenkainen)Michael Stapelberg
2013-08-18kill typedef, that is done in xcb_cursor, only define struct (Thanks Niclas)Michael Stapelberg
2013-08-12Silence compiler warning (Thanks Niclas Zeising)Michael Stapelberg
2013-08-12Fix build on FreeBSD (and possibly other BSDs)Niclas Zeising
2013-07-13add COPYING fileMichael Stapelberg
2013-07-12don’t define xcb_cursor_context_t twice (Thanks Thomas)Michael Stapelberg
2013-07-09set version to 0.0.990.0.99Michael Stapelberg
2013-07-09fix package nameMichael Stapelberg
2013-07-09fix READMEMichael Stapelberg